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Studio Westmaas
Na het opnemen een frisse duik in het zwembad behoort ook tot de mogelijkheden.Ook tijdens late opname sessies blijft de omgeving adembenemend en inspirerend.In een studio werken op een lege maag is natuurlijk geen optie. Catering is daarom altijd voor handen!Deze permanente barbeque staat altijd klaar voor gebruik.
This music studio is idyllically located in rural Hoeksche Waard (about 20 kms to the south of Rotterdam). Surrounded by a wild garden of approx. 3,500 square metres, well away from further buildings and with a clear view across around 30 hectares of Dutch countryside, work can take place 7 days a week and if necessary, till deep in the night. Guests are not only impressed by the crew’s fast, professional work, but are also pleasantly surprised by the working atmosphere at Studio Westmaas. As pro-audio guru, John Watkinson put it:

‘When I visited Studio Westmaas for the first time, I didn’t know what had hit me. It starts at the entrance, with an impressive driveway! Then the huge, wild garden with that magnificent weeping willow and the deep quiet of the surrounding landscape. There was a group of rabbits on the grass, pheasants in the fields and an owl contemplating in the tree. And the enticing blue of the swimming pool in the summer or the hoar frost on the trees in the winter. Eating together under the willow or around the Toscan garden fireplace. And late in the evening, a little nightcap in the stylish bar. That ain’t working, that’s the way to do it!

Music production
Nowadays, with the use of individual home-studios on the increase, those of us who still want to run a professional music recording studio have to have something special to offer. And Studio Westmaas is special. To begin with, we’re oriented towards the qualitative cream of music-makers, who want to play live, preferably with a complete band. This is possible at Studio Westmaas. On top of this, we specialize in recordings of acoustic instruments such as grand piano, Hammond, drums and percussion, strings, wind instruments and vocals. To this end, we have an extensive range of high quality instruments available on site. The studio is completely digitalized, but integrated into this, there is also a large quantity of analogue peripheral equipment. Old but gold, and all too frequently crucial to the sound of jazz, blues, ethnic, world music and classical – all styles which still require acoustic conditions, the good old-fashioned pro-audio expertise (which is dying out fast these days) and, last but not least, a thorough knowledge of the sound of each of these styles. Studio Westmaas delivers complete music production on CD, DVD and video clips; under external management or as an independent production company. Mixing can be done in stereo or in Dolby 5.1 surround.

Ahoy complex
Studio Westmaas is located at a distance of approx. eight miles from the Ahoy, an impressive music & events theatre complex in Rotterdam. Quite an opportunity for performers who whish to record their show for broadcasting purposes (i.e. through a broadband ISDN connection between the Ahoy and Studio Westmaas) or for whatever they would like to do after the show : lay some new tracks for their next CD or DVD project, or have a jamsession with whoever they wish. Studio Westmaas offers a six lines (20kHz, stereo) ISDN infrastructure. Our 48-track recording facilities match even the most demanding music projects. Our recording engineers are highly qualified and have more than 20 years expertise in recording all kinds of live music. This assures our clients of the ultimate quality of their product. A magnificent Steinway C-227, a vintage Hammond B3 (1962), a well tuned drum kit and various vintage amps (i.e. Fender Twin) are all waiting to be played on. On a 24/7 basis if needed. Studio Westmaas and the Ahoy. A golden opportunity!

Some music samples
Recording at Studio Westmaas is an experience in itself. This is no accident. Owner, René van Broekhoven has for years been involved in imagineering: the creation of experiential worlds. And this has not been just for fun. If there’s one person who recognizes the importance of an optimal working atmosphere, it’s René. And he has worked in music production for long enough to know what musicians want: to be able to make music, relaxed in the knowledge that the acoustics provided will give it exactly what it needs and that it will be subsequently stored at the highest digital norm. Studio Westmaas is exceptionally suited to the making of recordings of acoustic instruments such as drums, percussion, grand piano, Hammond, and both backing and lead vocals. Click on one of the fragments alongside this text to get an impression of some of the music styles that have passed through our hands. If you like them, our advice is that you drop by some time. To have a look around, but also to bend a critical ear to our calibrated studio speaker system, in stereo or in 5.1. surround.

And to meet the people who count at Studio Westmaas. Or to sniff the atmosphere of a studio space where daylight streams in through the windows. So you become emphatically aware of the surrounding nature, which regardless of the time of year, always fascinates, inspires. But you’ll discover for yourself: Studio Westmaas makes the difference.

Technical infrastructure
Een grote collectie analoge en digitale randapparatuur is voor handen.Het hart van de studio is de Sony DMX-R100 digitale mixer.Multitrack opnamen tot 48 sporen op dit Fairlight systeem.Voorversterkers van hoge kwaliteit, zoals deze Avalon VT-737SP.

Toetsen van de vleugel.HygrometerBinnenwerkHamers

Video/audio postproduction (dubbing)
Studio Westmaas offers optimal facilities for (animated) film post-synchronization. All facilities necessary for fast, technically top quality project completion are available. Via international voice agency EuroVoice, all voices resident in The Netherlands can be booked.

When dubbing animation films, actors can make use of the comfortable speakers’ studio (with video monitor), while for post-synchronizing feature films, the big studio is a better option (with 2.5m. wide projection screen). An extensive library of SFX sound and stock music is available on hard disc. Professional foleys are available on demand. Video programmes can be edited and designed with Final Cut Pro and After Effects. These are powerful facilities for the production of video clips.

In deze lounge kun je even uitblazen na een sessie in de studio.Espresso of cappuccino uit deze machine van Illy is onovertroffen.Een lounge is niets zonder een waterpijp.Na een dag opnemen in de studio, een welverdiend wijntje in de bar.
The building housing the studio facilities is surrounded by approx. 3,500 square metres of garden – a great place to be. There are various comfortable seating areas, two barbecues and a 10 x 5 metre swimming pool. And finally there is a sun terrace with heating for the evenings.
So Studio Westmaas is a place where creativity gets all the space it needs. This is partly due to the peace and quiet of the direct surroundings (the studio looks out over nearly 30 hectares of Dutch countryside), but also to the personal care and attention you’ll receive from the people who work here. Hospitality is a priority. Simply because it makes an important contribution to a pleasant working environment. Catering can be provided if sessions last longer than one day. Or everyone can gather at the outstanding Newland Restaurant at less than 15 minutes walk away. Besides offering an extensive menu and attractive wine list, accommodation can be arranged here too. And on top of all that, there is also a pop music stage.

Studio Westmaas and the press
The focus of Studio Westmaas on live recordings of acoustical instruments has drawn the attention of the press. Follow these links to read some examples.

Facts on Acts: Live and acoustic recording. It's still very much alive.

Clearsonic Megapac drumbooth in Studio Westmaas