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RBS/The Producers Workshop
A digital recording studio for the production of commercials, soundtracks for film and video, IVR and voiceprompts, educational projects, audio books, audio for games, audio for websites, etc. Renowned since 1975 for creativity and quality. Almost every advertising agency in and around Rotterdam has been in at some stage. For the production of a radio commercial, or for some music to be composed. Agencies from Amsterdam (centre of the Dutch advertising market) also get down to us here in this city on the Maas, and the Dutch broadcasting services (NOS) regularly use our ISDN facilities for interviews between Rotterdam and Hilversum. The studio is also known internationally. The ISDN connections are regularly used by studios in almost all the capital cities of Europe, and beyond. After a performance in the Ahoy stadium super-rapper Coolio laid down vocal tracks for his new CD. At the other end of the ISDN-line, a studio in Los Angeles did the final mix that very night. Something similar happened with singer Debby Harry, known from the legendary group Blondie. Her colossal black limousine took up three parking places for a whole day. Fortunately there’s no shortage of parking space at RBS.

RBS/The Producers Workshop is exactly what the name suggests. Not just advanced technology, but also the technical and musical expertise needed to use it to optimum effect. RBS/The Producers Workshop is all about people.

Kaj van Broekhoven received his education from the Erasmiaans Gymnasium in Rotterdam and completed his MA Global History and International Relations at Erasmus University in Rotterdam with an Honors Degree program. His MA thesis was awarded the Ben Pauw Thesis Prize 2012 by the Dutch Association for Public Affairs (BVPA). Due to his education and personal interests Kaj has gained experience with lobby activities and accompanying research for an NGO concerned with improving children’s opportunities worldwide. He is also an active member of the youth department of the political party D’66 in the Rotterdam area and part of the committee ‘current political affairs’. Kaj has travelled a lot in his life, which brought him many international contacts.

With the RBS Group in Rotterdam Kaj has gained experience in audiovisual communication and holds the position of Project Manager. His analytical thinking, communicative qualities and problem solving capabilities are very useful traits for this job. For Multi Media Matters, the production company of the RBS Group, Kaj does the research for documentaries.

René van Broekhoven
René van Broekhoven started out as a journalist and later on an audiovisual producer. Insight into communications and a talent for writing are second nature to him. In recent decennia he has had wide experience as a (voice) director and has himself spoken in hundreds of voice-overs. He received his technical training on an APRS Course at the University of Guildford in Surrey and subsequently in sound recording studios in the Netherlands and abroad. For many years now he has also been a vocational teacherfor up-and-coming professionals. René too has a good feel for music. He plays piano, guitar, percussion, and sings. And for years he’s been combining these skills in his role as a composer for radio and television commercials.

Working with René guarantees you a faultless and communicative use of language, and an optimal performance from the voice actor(s). Not to mention his creativity.

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